About the Creator


Darren Gregory Askins

Though from the Golden Coast, Darren is anything but pale as he wastes his long days away laboring over manuscript after manuscript. A full-time undergraduate at California State University, Fullerton, most of his days are divided up into poring over texts too old for the English language, reading the vast expanses of contemporary literature, or trying to keep up the illusion that he has a social life. He currently lives as a bachelor, partaking in the life of the struggling student while trying to keep college debt as far away as possible.


The Lore Looking Backward

Darren was brought into fantasy when he picked up the game Warcraft 3 from the shelves of his local Target. After diving into the books surrounding it, he moved onto the Dragonlance series and Harry Potter. He's been stuck in fantasy since then, and has no desire to untangle himself anytime soon. Whether it be snuggling up to blankets and Tolkien or trying to devour whatever behemoth Sanderson has put out that year, he's never far from the next book to read. Sometime between running from werewolves and delving into dungeons, Darren made the nigh-on perilous decision to spin up a yarn of his own. 


The Story Moving Forward

In order to create the seamless world between the pages that he already imagines, he writes every single day and prides himself on being able to finish multiple manuscripts in a matter of months. With settings ranging from elusive and windswept steppes to swamps more mysterious than the ocean floor, the World of Wonders has become the perfect backdrop for the grand metastory of the Shattered Rune Saga. Inspiration for its conception is drawn from fantasy sources (such as Tolkien and Le Guin) and many real world places and cultures (whether they be European, Asian, or Indigenous American).