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Who is Darren Askins?

A traveler from another dimension? Or simply an alien? Maybe a bit of both…

Darren Askins is a brand new, debut independent fantasy author making a splash on the scene. For eons he’s fashioned his darling, the Otherverse, and now he wants to share it with the world. Can’t wait to have it shared with you? Click here to get your FREE novella!

The Present Darren

Darren spends his day-to-day trying to balance the daily hardships of life while fulfilling his dream to live as all-time, author all-star. If he’s lucky, he gets to unwind his days by slowly picking away at the massive TBR he’s procured (I’ll finish you one day, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell).

Darren’s also an avid player of the video games. He considers himself a indie game fanatic (play Wildermyth and thank me later). Recently, he’s been getting into retro gaming and has lofty goals to beat his copy of Chrono Trigger for the SNES.

Darren Askins smiling for his author photo headshot